Management Philosophy

Our Vision

  • Contribute to the future society

    Make our daily lives comfortable, convenient, and versatile and contribute to the future society by devoting ourselves to semiconductor business.

  • Become one of the indispensable companies

    Leverage our creativity and contributing to technical development of the electronics industry and become one of the indispensable companies to the industry.

  • Solve problems

    Realize that our business is to solve problems and dedicate ourselves to satisfy our customers.

  • Become a pioneer

    Become a pioneer to keep up with the most challenging cutting-edge technology.

  • Feel proud of company

    Become a company where every employee makes the most of his or her creativity and feel proud of themselves as well as their own organization.

Our Action

  • Number one and only one

    While aiming for "number one" and "only one" in each specialized field, we work together to pursue the growth of"INNOTECH".

  • Courage and self-reforming power

    Keep our passion and courage to face with major business challenges; maintain self-reforming power for continuous progress.

  • Company policy and spirit of progress

    Help the company policy and spirit of progress penetrate the entire organization.

  • Respect individuality and growth

    Respect individuality and incentives for growth of each employee and encourage them to conduct business with a good faith.

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