Supply Chain

INNOTECH Supplier CSR Code of Conduct

INNOTECH requests that its suppliers practice and comply with the following Supplier CSR Code of Conduct as they engage in their daily work routines and business activities. INNOTECH appreciates that its suppliers fully understand the content of the Code and actively pursue their CSR activities. Also, INNOTECH requests that its suppliers communicate the following Code to their own suppliers and strongly recommend them to comply with them, as well as obtain necessary information from them to ensure compliance with the Code.

1.Respecting the Laws and Internationally Recognized Standards

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must respect internationally recognized standards in addition to complying with the laws and regulations of their home country as well as countries and regions where they conduct business.

2.Human Rights and Labor

2-1.Prohibiting Forced Labor

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must not use labor obtained by forced, bonded, exploitative prison labor, slavery, or human trafficking.
INNOTECH’s Suppliers also must not force to work, and must keep the right of workers to terminate employment.

2-2.Prohibiting Child Labor and Respecting the Rights of Young Workers

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must not allow children who are under the minimum age for employment. Furthermore, INNOTECH’s Suppliers must also not allow young workers under the age of 18 to perform hazardous work that is likely to jeopardize their health or safety, including night work or overtime.

2-3.Decent Working Hours

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must not allow workers to work exceeding the maximum working hours set by local laws and regulations, and appropriately manage working hours and days off in consideration of internationally recognized standards.

2-4.Adequate Wages and Allowances

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding payments of work (including minimum wage, overtime payments, and allowances and deductions required by law).
Furthermore, it is expected that INNOTECH’s Suppliers pay wages at a level that allows workers to support their basic needs (a living wage).

2-5.Prohibiting Inhumane Treatment

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must respect the human rights of workers and must not treat workers in a manner that is or may be construed inhumane, including physical and psychological abuse, coercion, or harassment.
INNOTECH’s Suppliers must also provide workers with individually secured accommodations for storing their personal and valuable items, and a reasonable personal space along with reasonable entry and exit privilege.

2-6.Prohibiting Discrimination

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must not engage in discrimination or harassment.
INNOTECH’s Suppliers must also consider requests from workers regarding religious practices where appropriate.

2-7.Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

In conformance with local laws and regulations, INNOTECH’s Suppliers shall respect the right to collective bargaining of workers and openly communicate with workers for improving working environments and wage conditions.

3.Health and Safety

3-1.Occupational Safety

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must identify and assess risks regarding occupational safety and maintain safety through proper design, engineering and administrative controls. Taking reasonable steps must also be taken to protect pregnant women and nursing mothers.

3-2.Emergency Preparedness

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must identify the possibility of emergency situations by such as natural disasters or accidents that may adversely affect human life or safety, establish procedures in case of emergency to minimize harm to workers and property, install the required equipment, and conduct training and drills so that the required responses can be taken in case of emergency.

3-3.Occupational Injury and illness

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must identify, assess, record, and report the status of occupational injury and illness, and implement appropriate countermeasures and corrective actions.

3-4.Industrial Hygiene

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must identify, assess, and appropriately control the risk of workers being exposed to hazardous biological, chemical, or physical agents in the workplace.

3-5.Physically Demanding Work

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must identify and assess worker exposure to the hazards of physically demanding tasks and appropriately control such work so that it does not lead to occupational injury and illness.

3-6.Machine Safeguarding

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must evaluate the machinery used by workers for safety hazards and provide appropriate safeguarding.

3-7.Health and Safety at Facilities

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must appropriately maintain the health and safety of facilities and accommodations provided to workers (such as dormitories, cafeterias, and toilets). Dormitories also require appropriate emergency egress to be provided.

3-8.Health and Safety Communication

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must provide training on appropriate health and safety information regarding various workplace hazards that workers are exposed to in the workplace in languages and methods that the workers can understand. A system that enables workers to provide feedback on safety is also required.

3-9.Worker Health Management

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must conduct appropriate health management for all employees.


4-1.Environmental Permits and Reports

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must obtain the permits and approvals required for conducting business as well as register and report according to local laws and regulations.

4-2.Reducing Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must address energy efficiency and make continuous efforts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

4-3.Air Emissions

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must comply with relevant laws and regulations and implement appropriate measures for reducing the emission of hazardous substances to the atmosphere.

4-4.Water Management

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must comply with laws and regulations, monitor the source, usage, and discharge of water used, and save water. All wastewater must be tested as required, and monitored, controlled, and processed before discharge or disposal. Sources of pollution that may cause water pollution must also be identified and appropriately managed.

4-5.Effective Utilization of Resources and Waste Management

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must comply with laws and regulations and implement appropriate management in order to promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), ensure the effective utilization of resources, and minimize waste.

4-6.Chemical Substance Management

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must comply with laws and regulations to identify, label, and manage chemical and other substances posing hazard to humans or the environment, and conduct management to ensure safe handling, transport, storage, use, recycling, reuse, or disposal of such substances.

4-7.Managing the Chemical Substances Contained in Products

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must comply with all laws, regulations, and customer requests applicable to the prohibition and restriction of specific substances contained in products.

5.Fair Trading and Ethics

5-1.Preventing Corruption

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must not be involved in bribery, corruption, blackmail, or embezzlement in any form.

5-2.Prohibiting Inappropriate Provision and Improper Benefit

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must not provide or accept any promises, propositions, or approvals as a means of obtaining bribes or any other illicit or inappropriate benefit.

5-3.Fair Information Disclosure

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must disclose information regarding labor, health and safety, environmental activities, business activities, organizational structure, financial situation, and performance according to applicable laws and regulations and industry practices. Falsification of records or the disclosure of false information is not allowed.

5-4.Respecting Intellectual Property

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must respect intellectual property rights and the transfer of technology and expertise must be performed in a manner where intellectual property is protected.
INNOTECH’s Suppliers must also protect the intellectual property of third parties such as customers and suppliers.

5-5.Conducting Fair Business

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must engage in fair business, competition, and advertising.

5-6.Protecting Whistleblowers

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must protect the confidentiality of information regarding whistleblowing and the anonymity of whistleblowers, and avoid retaliations towards whistleblowers.

5-7.Responsible Minerals Procurement

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must exercise due diligence to ensure that the minerals such as tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold contained in its products manufactured do not cause or contribute to serious human rights abuses, environmental destruction, corruption, or disputes in Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.

6.Quality and Safety

6-1.Ensuring Product Safety

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must fulfill their responsibility as a supplier by ensuring that products meet safety standards stipulated by national laws and conduct design, manufacturing, and sales to ensure adequate product safety.

6-2.Quality Management

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must comply with their own quality standards and customer requirements in addition to all laws and regulations applicable to the quality of products and services.

6-3.Providing Accurate Information on Products and Services

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must provide correct and accurate information on products and services that will not cause misunderstandings.

7.Information Security

7-1.Defense from Cyber Attacks

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must implement protective measures against threats such as cyber attacks and conduct management to prevent damage to the company and others.

7-2.Protecting Personal Information

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must comply with relevant laws and regulations and appropriately manage and protect all personal information of suppliers, customers, consumers, and employees.

7-3.Preventing Leak of Confidential Information

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must appropriately manage and protect the confidential information not only of their own but also received including from customers and third parties.

8.Business Continuity Planning

8-1.Developing and Preparing a Business Continuity Plan

INNOTECH’s Suppliers must identify and assess risks to business continuity, examine their impact on the business, and establish preparatory measures required in the medium to long term and a business continuity plan (BCP) that indicates the status of those initiatives.

To Suppliers

Please do not hesitate to report to the following office in case of any undue demand from or inappropriate conduct by INNOTECH employees;

INNOTECH Corporation, Internal Audit Office :