IR Policy

INNOTECH CORPOTION (INNOTECH) performs its IR activities based on the following policy so that we provide our shareholders and investors with necessary information in a timely, accurate, and fair manner to have them better understand INNOTECH.

Information Disclosure Standards

INNOTECH discloses information in a timely and appropriate manner based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other related laws and regulations as well as the Timely Disclosure Rules set by the relevant security exchange where we list our securities. Also, our disclosure policy is to proactively disclose other information which does not fall under the scope of the Timely Disclosure Rules, if and when we determine such information as useful for our investors and shareholders’ better understanding of INNOTECH.

Method of Disclosure

Information which needs to be disclosed based on the Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed as set forth by such Rules via TDnet which is provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also, INNOTECH issues a press release on such matters and discloses relevant information on its website as promptly as possible. When disclosing information which is not required under the Timely Disclosure Rules, INNOTECH chooses an appropriate method referring to the Timely Disclosure Rules and ensures that all our investors.

Communication with Our Shareholders and Investors

INNOTECH holds Financial Results Meetings for analysts and institutional investors twice a year. Also, INNOTECH accepts individual interviews and meetings to follow up the discussion.

In order to provide information to individual investors in a timely manner, INNOTECH has a dedicated web page for our shareholders and investors on our website. On such web page, various information such as Financial Results and security reports are disclosed, as well as investors’ relation data and information such as annual reports, presentation materials, trends of financial data, and business overview are available in an organized and easy-to find manner.
Financial Results, presentation materials and trends of financial data are available both in Japanese and English and INNOTECH will keep providing variety of information. We will also keep our active communication with our institutional and individual investors as necessary.

Measures to Enhance the Quality of IR Activities

In order to enhance the quality of our IR activities, INNOTECH continuously reviews and discusses important comments, advice and suggestions that we receive from our shareholders and investors on a daily basis at meetings which are organized by our management team and division managers. As for detailed IR activity reports, information is shared and opinions are exchanged among our officers who are in charge of the administration division as well as the financial and accounting division, IR division, and the divisions which organize and host the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Silent Period of the IR Activities

In order to avoid leakage of financial information and ensure fairness for our entire investors and shareholders , INNOTECH will refrain from responding to various questions and inquiries related to Financial Results from the next day of the accounting date until the announcement date, except for regarding matters which are already public. This is called as the “Silent Period”. In the event of any situation which needs to be disclosed appropriately even during the Silent Period, INNOTECH will disclose such information in timely and appropriate manner.

The information provided in this presentation includes forward looking statements based on current expectations, forecasts or beliefs. Such forward looking statements include a number of preliminary assumptions about future events that are subject to factors and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward looking statements.