Message from Top Manager

INNOTECH Corporation President & CEO:Toshihiko Ono

Since its foundation in 1987, INNOTECH Corporation have conducted and expanded our business as a technology product trading company, introducing cutting-edge technologies from the US and European companies to the Japanese electronics companies. Since the year 2000, INNOTECH has shifted its focus on the internally-developed products, leveraging its technical know-how and knowledge and by active M&A’s.

Thus, INNOTECH has transformed its business to an internally-products business from a traditional trading company business.

Currently the business environment of the electronics industry is dramatically changing. In the society where technology evolves rapidly as smartphones become more sophisticated, use of semiconductors devices is increasing for electric and hybrid cars and smart home applications, demands for servers and data centers are expanding as more data is being created, and the artificial intelligence (AI) makes progress and being introduced to various areas, the importance of electronics will keep increasing.

INNOTECH is a total solution company, covering from hardware, software to consulting for our customers’ design, development and production. We will keep coping with our business environment changes and achieving our sustainable growth by contributing to overcome our customers’ diverse and complex challenges, strengthening our internally-developed products such as the test systems, expanding our overseas customer base, and cultivating new business areas.

“Become a pioneer” to keep up with the most challenging cutting-edge technology is one of the slogans in our management philosophy. Taking the slogan to heart, INNOTECH will make people’s daily lives comfortable and convenient and contribute to the future society by devoting ourselves to electronics business. Thank you very much for your understanding and continued support.

President and Representative DirectorNobuyuki Otsuka

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