ISO-related measures


Basic Principle

Innotech believes that for true customer satisfaction and to remain as our customers’ trusted partner, it is indispensable to grasp customers’ requirements and address them as we comply with all the applicable laws and regulations. In order to maintain our quality assurance scheme for all the products offered by Innotech, Innotech has established its quality management system which fully supports the ISO9001:2015(JIS Q 9001:2015) requirements and we implement it and continue to improve it so that our quality management measures are executed effectively and enable Innotech to keep providing the highest quality of products which satisfy our customers. Innotech will set its quality assurance policy and our entire employees will follow such policy.

Quality Assurance Policy

Innotech makes our daily lives comfortable, convenient, and versatile and contribute to the future society by devoting ourselves to our business. Based on “Customer First” principle, Innotech provides the best technologies and services for customers to be satisfied.

  • 1. Innotech will make sure that we are compliant with all the requirements and continue to improve our quality management system so that it will keep working effectively.
  • 2. Innotech will keep challenging for higher level customer satisfaction by periodically setting up and reviewing our internal quality-related goals and striving to attain such goals.
  • 3. Innotech will disseminate our Quality Assurance Policy and strive to enhance customer satisfaction by gathering strength of each employee.

ISO9001 :JQA-QMA13979


Basic Principle

It is not enough to consider environmental issues only from the global perspective and for our generation only since they affect the future of the entire human race. It is our critical responsibility to pass our valuable earth to generation after generation in a sound form. In order to fulfill its responsibility, Innotech is taking vigorous measures to protect the earth and pursue our business activities in line with our economic ambitions as well as global environment conservation.

Our policy on environment

Innotech Corporation is a trading company which engages in transactions as well as development of electronics products, such as software, semiconductor testers, and electronic components. And in its entire business area, Innotech employees recognize the environmental impact of their activities and take measures to protect the earth.

  • 1. Grasp the environmental impact of our own business activities and continuously execute and improve our environment management scheme, which correspond to ISO14001:2015(JIS Q 14001:2015), and take measures to protect environment and prevent pollution.
  • 2. Observe all the requirements of the environmental protection laws and regulations as well as other requirements agreed and accepted by Innotech and set our own standards to keep pace with general standards as they get tighter, enhancing our own management scheme.
  • 3. Encourage resource-saving, low-power, and green purchase by promoting environmental-friendly products.
  • 4. Regularly set our environmental goals and review them as necessary.
  • 5. Thoroughly educate our employees on our environmental policy and enhance their awareness.
  • 6. Publicly make this policy available for the general public to know our effort.