Intelligent System Solution B.U.

INNOTECH Intelligent System Solution Business Unit has many years of success stories in mass production projects in the area of social infrastructure, factories, medical, and communication applications where high reliability is required as it plans, develops and designs industrial CPU boards and embedded system products in-house, and has them manufactured in Japan.

In these areas, it is indispensable to provide products stably for a long period of time and product support sensitively adapted to customers’ specific needs. Thus, the Intelligent System Solution Business Unit adopts long-life components for product design and enhances their quality by ensuring safe and secure manufacturing in Japan. Firmware optimization expertise is also kept in-house so that long-term, stable supply of products as well as highly flexible support are promised.

In addition to its original expertise as such, the Intelligent System Solution Business Unit is actively pursuing new business areas where the market is expected to grow mid-term and long-term, and one of its perspectives is the area of SDGs. In order to realize a sustainable society, it is expected that cutting-edge technologies will help resolve social issues and to fulfill such role, technologies for embedded systems, edge computing and cloud must be linked and work together closely.

INNOTECH Intelligent System Solution Business Unit is cultivating a new market to ensure safety and security of our society, such that it develops application for failure prediction and maintenance and utilizes AI and facial recognition technologies whose importance is growing in the area of edge computing.

INNOTECH (Hardware design, software development, manufacturing (outsourcing), product support)
→ Final products (Medical systems, FA equipment, network devices, ticket vending machines, other vending machines, data centers, and so on)
→ End user (Social infrastructure, factories, medical, communication, and so on)

Invisibly there to support the society and people’s lives

INNOTECH CPU boards and embedded system products are widely adopted in the areas of traffic such as the ETC (electronic toll collection) systems in Japanese expressways, ticket vending machines at train stations and parking areas, medical such as CT scanners, network monitoring systems for cell phone base stations, servers for data centers and vending machines on the streets and in the office buildings and so on.

INNOTECH technology and products are not necessarily visible but they exist in our daily lives, supporting people’s convenience, comfort, health, safety and security as an infrastructure.

In order to support the infrastructure in a sustainable manner, INNOTECH products are developed in-house with “reduction of maintenance cost”, “minimizing downtime”, “long life and smaller footprint” as their highest priorities. INNOTECH continues to work hard and make efforts so that we maintain our long-term and stable business relationships with various stakeholders.

Focusing on Edge Computing

Originally, the IoT model set the cloud-computing (on the data center side) as the core technology for data processing, but these days, the needs for edge computing, which enables on-site data processing as users utilize the data, are soaring.

For example, there are customers who wish that “facial recognition is executed by high-resolution camera and AI on the edge side and the results are obtained real-time” or that “massive data collected by sensors is processed on the edge side and only the results are sent to the cloud”.

INNOTECH provides the optimal solutions to resolve our customers’ challenges as it develops software cooperating with the most cutting-edge AI start-up companies and realizes high-performance edge PCs as actual products.

Adopting the Fabless Model

INNOTECH adopts the so-called fabless model as it designs and develops hardware products in-house and has them manufactured at leading Japanese electronics manufacturing service (EMS) companies.
INNOTECH fully plans and designs the product and utilizes high-precision simulators so that the quality is already ensured during the design phase.
And at the manufacturing stage, it leverages large-scale EMS companies’ strengths, such as their procurement power of semiconductors and various components and high-quality manufacturing expertise so that the products which best fit the customers’ needs are manufactured and provided in a timely manner.

Also, a variety of products which are developed in-house at INNOTECH are now put together under the brand name of “INNINGS” and INNOTECH is working hard to enhance their competitiveness and customer support scheme as a whole.