Information System Office

INNOTECH has been working hard to establish the company-internal information system (Intranet), such as introducing the electronic Ringi approval system which does not require employees’ seals during the company approval and decision-making process and implementing information security in the network environment.

Also, INNOTECH utilizes the data center in the west Japan area to make the system redundant and to back up the data so that even in the event of natural disasters, such as large earthquakes, INNOTECH may continue its business and operations.

Due to the spreading of novel coronavirus, INNOTECH, among other companies, was also forced to change the working style of its employees. However its Information System Office responded flexibly with the situation and executed necessary measures, such as promptly distributing laptops to employees so that they could work from home, publishing instructions on how to utilize on-line meeting applications, and realizing secure and smooth access to the Intranet from outside.

Looking toward the post coronavirus era, INNOTECH will continue to brush up its information system so that it will operate more flexibly in order to enhance its competitive edge as a company and improve its employees’ work-life balance.