INNOTECH and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Contribution to SDGs through business activities

At the September 2015 United Nations summit, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be resolved by 2030 to protect human lives and global environment were adopted and INNOTECH fully supports the underlying philosophy. INNOTECH will help achieving these goals through its business activities and social contribution programs.


Example(1)Promotion of Next Generation Communication Technology - 5G

5G is the next generation communication technology which is considered to be the promising network base to form the IoT society. And in order to fully exploit its potential, products such as high-speed and large-capacity memory semiconductors, RF devices, and power ICs are indispensable.

INNOTECH Group solutions which utilize the most cutting-edge technology contribute to development of such products as they are widely utilized for semiconductor design software, device models to enhance the design precision, and semiconductor reliability test equipment which are required for product quality assurance.

9 Creating the base for industrial and technical innovations 9 Creating the base for industrial and technical innovations

Example(2)Supporting Safety Design of Autonomous Driving Systems

Automobiles make our daily lives convenient while we must deal with risks of accidents constantly. Also, as the population of aged people increases in the society, local communities are required to improve the traffic conditions for aging drivers.

In order for urban development so that everybody can live safely and comfortably, one of the promising solutions is autonomous driving. INNOTECH Group provides the world’s most advanced simulation platform for safety design of autonomous driving system in Japan to support automobile companies.

Also, the Analysis and Design Solution Division of INNOTECH Corporation and one of the INNOTECH Group companies, GAIO TECHNOLOGY, undertake development and verification projects to realize autonomous driving.

11 For sustainable urban development 11 For sustainable urban development

Example(3)Setting Up Solar Panels

INNOTECH has set up solar panels on the rooftop of its headquarter building to utilize renewable energy. Part of power consumed by the building is supplied by the power generated in-house by these solar panels.

7  Energy to everybody and making it clean 7 Energy to everybody and making it clean

Example(4)Maintaining and Developing INNOTECH-Unique Corporate Culture

INNOTECH believes that corporate culture and organizational climate are important intangible assets for companies which form the basis for their competitiveness.

INNOTECH office environment is a big open space with no partition in principle. The President, officers and employees communicate openly as they share the same work space. Periodically-held Communication Meetings participated by all employees and social gathering after the Meetings also promote such open exchange without hierarchy. There is also an indoor tennis court in the INNOTECH headquarter building where employees can play tennis together and socialize with each other.

Such open corporate culture nurtures employees’ creativities with new ideas and enthusiasms for business and leads to sustainable management policy and corporate approaches to engage in business from long-term point of view, rather than to go after quick and short profits. INNOTECH believes that as it creates and maintains its unique corporate culture, it will succeed in its pursuit for new values, technologies and innovations, working together with its customers and suppliers.

Also, such activities to create and maintain the corporate culture rely on employees. INNOTECH will keep expanding its human resource system, employee education and training programs to learn the most advanced technical trends. As for the employee benefit programs, INNOTECH recognizes the importance of its employees’ work-life balance and continues to maintain and develop the corporate culture which forms the basis of its competitiveness.

8 Pursuing both the job satisfaction and the economic growth 8 Pursuing both the job satisfaction and the economic growth

Example(5)Cloud Settlement System

Vending machines are one of the most common non face-to-face services which we utilize daily. In the 2000s, they support not only the most common payment method which is cash payment but also cashless payment based on the e-money systems originally developed by the transportation industry and widely utilized in Japan, such as SUICA and PASMO. These days, vending machines also support QR code payment, utilizing smartphones.

IT ACESS, one of the INNOTECH Group companies, has expertise in security, embedded systems and network technology areas and provides its original cloud settlement system based on such expertise. Its cloud settlement system transmits the user settlement data from the vending machine to the cloud as the machine sells products, such as beverages, and processes the data real-time. Its benefit is not just the reduction of manpower by the non face-to-face service. Users can choose the settlement method freely and vendors can optimize the maintenance scheme based on the precise sales data; vendors can even launch an optimal promotional campaign targeted to a specific market to grow their business and profit.

9 Forming the basis for various industries and technical innovations 9 Forming the basis for various industries and technical innovations