Intellectual Properties

INNOTECH engages in research and development to create new values in order to deal with various issues of the society and customers under the five slogans of its management philosophy, which are to “contribute to the future society”, “become an indispensable company”, “solve problems”, “become a pioneer”, and “feel proud of the company”. Intellectual properties generated by such research and development are critical assets of the company and need to be managed stringently. In the meantime, INNOTECH recognizes the importance of respecting intellectual properties of others.

Legal Group of the Sales Administration Department which is formed under the Administration Division supervises the management of intellectual properties at INNOTECH, and there is a collaborative scheme with business units which conduct research and development. Legal Group of the Sales Administration Department manages patents and trademarks owned by INNOTECH, provides information on intellectual properties and assistance during negotiations to execute intellectual property-related agreements. Also, Legal Group works with law firms and patent attorneys’ offices as necessary when filing for applications and in the event of disputes related to infringements of intellectual property rights.

INNOTECH has created the “Employees’ Inventions Rules” which govern the handling of employees’ inventions, new ideas and designs which are made when they are on duty.