INNOTECH ESG-related Activity Promotional Scheme

INNOTECH Group continues to pursue its activities to contribute to the Environment, Social, and to enhance its corporate Governance (“ESG-related activities”). INNOTECH Group is working even harder to establish the corporate governance scheme to support its global business, to help resolve the social and environmental issues, such as decreasing working population, needs for secure and safe social infrastructure and the low-carbon society through the most cutting-edge technologies it provides, to expand education programs to its employees and to contribute to the local community. Also, INNOTECH Group will actively disclose information on its efforts in such areas to have the public recognize that INNOTECH Group is playing an indispensable role in the society, which leads to its sustainable growth mid-term and long-term.

Strengthening its Scheme to Promote and Pursue ESG-related Activities

INNOTECH has established the Sustainability Promotion Meeting to discuss overall ESG/SDGs matters. The Meeting is led by INNOTECH President and Representative Director who is also INNOTECH Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and chaired by the Director who is in charge of Sustainability Promotion. INNOTECH Corporate Planning Department serves as the secretariat of Sustainability Promotion to run the Sustainability Promotion Meetings, so that the company-wide awareness of the matter is enhanced and the ESG-related activities will be systematically organized.

Also, INNOTECH holds the quarterly Communication Meetings participated by all employees including Managing Executive Officers as well as the Management Meetings participated by the group company officers. Through such meetings, INNOTECH continues to share knowledge on the ESG-related matters and understanding of investors trends on the ESG-related investments and the outside environmental surrounding INNOTECH.

And during such meetings, in the event that high-priority ESG-oriented subjects and material challenges are identified, such matters are submitted as the agenda items of the board meetings to be deliberated by entire officers, including Outside Directors.

INNOTECH Organization to Promote Sustainability

Major ESG-related Efforts

Corporate Governance

Measures already taken to enhance corporate governance

  • Appointment and increase of the number as well as the ratio of Outside Directors (1/3 of Directors at present)
  • Diversity of the Board of Directors (Appointment of female directors, etc)
  • Establishment of Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • Setting up of Advisory Committee
  • Sorting out of various meetings, monitoring, changes in compensation scheme.
  • Devising the succession plan
  • Appropriate communication with all the stakeholders

Environmental and Social Issues

  • Contribution to energy and resource-saving society through technology
  • Contribution to manpower-saving to cope with decreasing birthrate and increasing aging population through technology
  • Contribution to creating affluent society leveraging the cutting-edge technology, such as 5G (the fifth generation of mobile communication networks) and ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System)
  • Contribution to resolving various social issues in the area of traffic, power, construction, plant, agriculture, education, environment, and so on through technology
  • Contribution to achieve the SDGs
  • Contribution to local community
  • Enhancement of the quality of disclosure materials and communication on the ESG-related Matters