IC Solution B.U.

Main customers of the IC Solution Business Unit are system makers and electronic component makers in the areas of automobiles, medical, multi-function printer (MFP), smartphones, and digital cameras. Major issue of such customers is to ensure reliability of final products. LSIs which are key devices for such products are becoming more and more complex, and the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software to efficiently design such complex LSIs is indispensable.
Especially, in the cutting-edge technology areas, such as the IoT, autonomous driving and robotics, the demand for EDA software based on high-speed simulators is increasing.

Based on such customers’ needs, INNOTECH IC Solution Business Unit provides EDA products, IP and electronic design systems for print circuit boards mainly from Cadence Design Systems in the U.S., and the best technical support scheme in Japan based on its long-term trusting relationship with its suppliers.

Cadence Design Systems in the U.S. (Development of EDA products)

→ INNOTECH (Supply and Support)

→ Semiconductor-related industries (Around 1,000 customers in Japan, such as electronic component makers, office equipment manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, and so on)

→ Final products (Automobiles, MFPs, home appliances, IoT, robotics, and so on)

Creating Infrastructure for the IoT Society

As we enter into the IoT society where every product is connected with each other via network, the areas in which we can leverage the semiconductor design software are expanding all over the society.

Thus, the EDA software performance and quality must be enhanced, while it must support unprecedented use and challenges flexibly; otherwise, it may cause an obstacle to all the industrial and technical innovations.

INNOTECH leverages the RF noise-related technology and knowhow accumulated by its group company, MoDeCH Inc. INNOTECH also makes proposals combining MoDeCH high-precision IC device models with the simulation software offered by INNOTECH and contributes to digitization of the manufacturing industry.

While the loss of manpower and problems for succession of expertise due to decreasing birthrate and increasing aging population are becoming major social issues, it is expected that the design automation software may replace abundant knowledge and experience of skillful engineers and forms an integral part of the social infrastructure in the IoT era.

Evolution of Business Model

Traditionally, the EDA business was based on perpetual licenses, which means that customers may utilize the software semi-permanently once purchased. However, as the technology evolves faster and faster in the semiconductor industry these years, design tools must be updated in a much shorter period of time.

Therefore, INNOTECH, together with Cadence Design Systems in the U.S., has started to offer limited-term licenses with which customers can use the software only during the period they need. Thus, customers can leverage the most cutting-edge, high-performance tools to design their products efficiently, while reducing their running cost. As a result, products required by the society become available faster and by more reasonable prices.

Assisting Customers’ Efforts on ESGs and Others

Our customers develop products with highly set goals.
For example, enhancement of performance to save energy and reduce CO2; automobiles with autonomous driving so that aged drivers can drive them safely; smart factories to cope with manpower shortage, and so on.

It is INNOTECH’s mission to contribute to resolving such issues and eliminate time and spatial obstacles to achieve such goals by providing a variety of design and development solutions to support such customers’ efforts.
As INNOTECH assists the entire engineering design flow, where the product quality is precisely designed in the upstream process, yields are enhanced during manufacturing, and high-quality final products are completed in the end, INNOTECH continues to contribute to resolve social issues.