Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

Innotech Group Internal Code of Conduct and Ethics

Basic Policy

Companies must conduct its business activities under a lot of competition, considering all the factors from a diverse market, globalization, applicable laws and regulations, and culture. Also, there are many corporate scandals which destroy companies and their businesses and companies are required to have stronger awareness of their social responsibilities these days. Under such environment, companies must tighten their internal rules as responsible organizations, continuously discuss and evaluate how they should manage themselves, and consider the way they involve with the society.

Innotech Group’s corporate philosophy includes to be a company known and trusted by the society, its shareholders, and all the other parties involved for its high standard of ethics so that Innotech will remain successful and we will keep redistributing our profits to parties involved for a long term.

Innotech Group officers and employees (hereinafter “Employees”) must comply with Innotech Internal Code of Conduct. It is very important for Employees to work in a company which has clear ethical standards and Innotech firmly believes that each Employee’s deep understanding on such ethical standards and compliance with them are indispensable to our long-lasting growth and success as a company. Here are the Innotech Internal Code of Conduct which summarizes basic standards and related laws and regulations for Employees to observe while they conduct their business activities;

Innotech Internal Code of Conduct

Our mission at Innotech Corporation is to contribute to our customers’ growth and the electronics industry’s development through providing electronics-related products and services mainly around semiconductors and to enhance our corporate value by continuously increasing our profits. In order to achieve this mission, all the Employees need to play their own roles and fulfill their responsibilities while they comply with the Code of Conduct. Here are the responsibilities which need to be fulfilled by all the Employees;

  • 1. Understand related laws and regulations and conduct business activities complying with them.
  • 2. Observe standards related to health and safety of Employees and customers as well as appropriately involve with the social environment.
  • 3. Treat all the customers and suppliers sincerely and fairly.
  • 4. No engagement in activities personally or professionally which have or considered to have an adverse effect on Innotech interests.
  • 5. Protect Innotech confidential information, assets, and resources and treat the same of third parties which are in Innotech possession, custody or control with the same degree of care.
  • 6. Protect confidentiality of non-public information of Innotech and not to utilize such information for personal interests.
  • 7. Utilize our fair judgment even for lawful political donation or utilization of one’s political power.
  • 8. Respect each other and appreciate each other.
  • 9. No involvement whatsoever with any anti-social activities and parties.

Innotech corporate philosophy to respect each individual and to make sure that everybody is treated fairly is the base of these fundamental responsibilities.