Utilization of Personal Information held by INNOTECH

Purpose of Use:

INNOTECH Corporation (hereinafter “INNOTECH”) will utilize our customers’ personal information for the purposes listed below.

  • ·  Contacting customers regarding our transactions and other matters.
  • ·  Introducing, providing, and improving of products and services offered by INNOTECH.
  • ·  Performance under the agreements executed between customers and INNOTECH.
  • ·  Providing notifications and promotional information related to products and services offered by INNOTECH and other associated services.
  • ·  Providing notifications on trade shows and business campaigns held (sponsored, jointly sponsored, or participated) by INNOTECH.
  • ·  Requests for participation in product trials and questionnaires.
  • ·  Answering to customers’ questions, information requests and other requests.
  • ·  Other purposes to which customers’ prior consents are obtained.

Sharing and Jointly Utilizing the Personal Information:

INNOTECH, INNOTECH group Companies (in principle INNOTECH group companies are INNOTECH consolidated subsidiaries and those which are specified on the our website , hereinafter collectively referred to as “INNOTECH Group”) and Our Suppliers, Partners in connection with products and services offered by INNOTECH Group (use only for information for answering to customers’ questions and offering related to goods and services in questions) will share our customers’ personal information and utilize it jointly.

*The list of companies may be updated from time to time. *

Content of Personal Information Shared and Jointly Utilized:

Your Name, Your Division Name and Title at Work, Your Address, Your Phone Numbers, Your Fax Numbers, and Your Email Addresses, etc.

Responsibility for Personal Information Management Lies at:

INNOTECH Corporation

Use of Personal Information for Any Other Purpose Than Listed Above:

In the event that we utilize your personal information for any other purpose than listed above, we will obtain your consent for such use (except for cases permitted by laws and regulations).