Social Contribution Activities

How Innotech Contribution to the Sociaty

Support Activities in Areas Afflicted

INNOTECH group contributed a contribution to the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto earthquake through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Disaster prevention measures using beacons.
Social Infrastructure Activities / Participation in the Mt. Fuji Challenge project

We are offering the beacon transmitter developed by INNOTECH to the "Mt. Fuji Challenge" project.
The "Mt. Fuji Challenge" is an experiment aimed at gathering location information of mountaineers and utilizing the data. When a mountain climber with a small beacon passes through a mountain cabinet, the receiver installed in the mountain hut detects it. And climber information is managed by cloud service.

More than 200,000 climbers are climbing Mt. Fuji every year
The mission of this project is to build disaster prevention measures and build an environment where mountaineers can climb safely. Therefore, we collect and analyze data such as age, gender, number of mountain climbing, congestion situation of climbers, rate of climbers who could not reach the summit because of altitude sickness.

Sponsoring to the Yokohama F · Marinos Corporate Association

INNOTECH is sponsoring the Yokohama F · Marinos Corporate Association which is based in Shin-Yokohama.
The purpose of the activities of Yokohama F · Marinos is to enrich home town with sports.
They are engaged in community-based activities such as child soccer school, courtesy visit to elementary school, soccer tournament for People with disabilities , etc.