T4057A - 3U L2 & L3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

T4057A - 3U L2 & L3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

3U L2/L3 Compact PCI イーサネットスイッチ

10/100/1000 Ethernet x 10ports


Conformal Coating対応可

●10 * 10/100/1000 Ethernet
●Layer2 Switching capabilities :
・16K entries forwarding database
・Automatic or controlled learning and aging routing table
・Full-line rate switching engine
・Port and MAC access control
・Flow control and backpressure
・9 KB Jumbo Frame
・IPV4 IGMP IPV6 MLD snooping
・MAC address transplanting for Rapid Reconfiguration 802.1w
●Bandwidth management :
・Multicast rate limiting
・Egress rate shaping with rate ranging port from 64K to 1Gbs
・Minimal bandwidth guarantee per traffic Class
●VLANs services :
・4K actives VLANs
・4K Bridge mulcticast groups
・Flexible VLAN assignment
●Quality of Service engine :
・8 priority queues per port
・Traffic Class assignment according to 802-1p tag, MAC
address, Port, DiffServ CP or Po-licy engine
●L3 IP V4 & V6 routing :
・1K UC ARP entries
・RIPV2, OSPF V2 Routing
・DHCP relay
●Security features :
・802.1X Port authentication
・Multicast/Broadcast limiting
・STP/RSTP protocol
・Virtual cable tester On-Line